Why Do Plumbers Need Insurance To Work In Ontario?

Plumbing is a noble profession, with plenty of job opportunities in the Ontario area. However, those opportunities do not come without exposures and risks. Plumbers operating in Ontario are without a doubt faced with a variety of risks on any given day. The slightest mishap or mistake and you could be looking at a major lawsuit that might force some small companies to shut their doors. And, the scariest part is, it doesn’t have to be you that makes the mistake. If one of your employees is responsible for the mishap, you will be responsible for the monetary damages. This is just one of the many reasons why plumbers need to make sure that they are protected with the right insurance policies.

plumbers insured under plumbing insurance policy in client home

Bidding On Municipal, Government, And Commercial Contracts

There are a lot of exciting opportunities available for plumbers in the Ontario area. Some plumbers just want to keep their business small and stick to residential work. And, there really is nothing wrong with this. However, the real money is in the commercial industry. In fact, this is where the million and two million-dollar jobs are at. That being said, before you can even bid on these types of contracts you are going to need plumbers general liability insurance coverage of anywhere from $2 to $5 million dollars. In some cases, the amount of plumbing insurance required might even be higher depending on the complexity of the job. You can checkout current and up coming jobs in Ontario, Canada at jobbank.gc.ca by clicking here.

municipal jobs from toronto for plumbers

Property Damage And Bodily Harm

As a plumber, you are going to be working in homes and businesses where other individuals will be performing specific job duties. You are going to have to work around these individuals regardless, which puts you at even more risk. No matter how careful you are there is always a chance that something will go wrong. For instance, what if you are soldering a copper pipe inside a tight space and accidentally catch half the wall on fire? What if a customer trips over your extension cord and breaks his or her arm? These are all real risks that you will be exposed to every time you do a job. If you find yourself facing a situation like this, the client is going to look to you to repair theses damages.

The right type of plumbers insurance can cover you in the exact situations. General liability plumbers insurance will not only pay for the client or client’s employee medical expenses, but it will also pay for any property damage as well. It will also offer the same protection for all your employees. If your employees find themselves in the same or similar situations, the policy will offer the pertinent protection that you need to prevent a major financial loss.

customer breaks leg after falling on plumber tool box

Hiring Subcontractors

Unfortunately, you are only a plumber and probably don’t have the skills or knowledge to do everything on your own. For instance, most pipes are hidden behind drywall or concrete walls. If one of these pipes develops a leak, you will be required to cut into the wall in order to make the necessary repairs. Sure, making the repairs might not be a problem for you, but what about repairing the wall. A customer is not going to want a big hole in their wall. This is when you will need to bring in a subcontractor to make the necessary repairs. While this professional is working under you, he or she will be exposed to the same risks. The subcontractor could just as easily damage the customer’s property or cause them bodily harm.

Luckily, this is exactly where plumbers liability insurance offers the protection you need. This type of policy will cover the subcontractor any damage caused by the subcontractor.

contractors such as electrician hired by plumbers to finish job

Protecting You Against Lawsuits

Many plumbers even find themselves in situations where they are being hassled over their work. You are probably already aware of the fact that there are some customers that you just can’t please no matter what you do. After you complete a job, a customer can easily make scrupulous claims about your work. Whether the complaints are founded or not, the customer does have the legal right to take you to court. Even if you are not found liable, the court case will tie up tons of resources. You will have to appear in court, hire a lawyer, and pay court fines.

The suit might even turn out to be so big that it financially bankrupts your company. Well, you can prevent this risk with the right insurance policies. Certain policies will not only pay for your lawyer fees, but they will pay court costs as well. There are some policies that will even cover part of the judgement in the event that you are found at fault.

plumber gets involved in lawsuit

Covering Your Company Vehicles

Plumbers don’t have the luxury of working from their home or office. They are forced to travel from job site to job site. This means that you are going to be driving a company vehicle everyday. Unfortunately, the road is a dangerous place and there are insurmountable amounts of risks on the road at any given time for every motorist, including you. You could easily hit and kill someone, someone could easily hit and kill you, or a piece of equipment could fall off your truck and damage a parked car. Your employees will be exposed to the same risks if they are driving company vehicles. This is why it is imperative to acquire a commercial auto insurance policy.

Keep in mind that if you are driving your personal vehicle back and forth as a company vehicle, your regular auto insurance policy will not offer the protection that you need. Commercial auto insurance will also be required in this situation. Commercial auto insurance offers protection in the event that you hit someone and cause them bodily harm or damage another driver’s vehicle. It will pay for the medical expenses and the repairs to the individual’s car.

Some policies that will even cover your medical expenses and repair the damage your vehicle sustains during the accident. There are even specialized policies that will pay for lost wages of employees injured in a motor vehicle accident during work hours.

plumber truck must be insured separately under auto policy

Why All Canadian Businesses Need Business Liability Insurance

Business insurance is required!

Are you aware of the fact that Canadian businesses face tons of lawsuits each and every year? The truth of the matter is that Canadian consumers can be a little picky and they’ll lash out when they feel like they’ve been mistreated in any way. If you’ve done something that could be considered wrong, there is a good chance that your company is going to pay for it. During the first quarter of 2017, 682 Canadian businesses filed for bankruptcy. Some of these lost money, due to poor business choices or a change in the economy. Others were forced out of business by a crippling lawsuit. Commercial liability insurance can help. You’ll find out below!

business insurance policy

What Is Commercial General Liability Insurance?

First and foremost, you should gain a better understanding of LiabilityCover’s business insurance Ontario policy coverages. This is a standard insurance policy that is designed for business organizations. The insurance is capable of protecting businesses for numerous problems, including bodily injury and property damage. The insurance will usually cover damages that are caused by the company’s operations, products or finished work. The country of Canada tends to experience around 200 or more food recalls each year. If your company is making food, there is a chance that you’ll run into a similar problem.

The insurance might not prevent the recall, but it will help protect you in the event that something goes wrong and a customer ends up sick.

Protects Your Employees

In most cases, insurance for business owners will protect the owner as well as the employee. If the damage was caused by an employee, there is a good chance that your liability insurance will cover the costs. At the same time, you should realize that the best business insurance Ontario has to offer will protect all parties involved. The insurance will help to ensure that you’re able to recover after an accident. The insurance will allow you to keep your business operation during the litigation.

This is absolutely vital for yourself, your family and your employees! With this type of insurance, you’ll be able to keep paying your employees, so they do not starve.

Could Help Avoid A Bankruptcy

Believe it or not, slips and falls are far more common than you could ever imagine. Workers in Canada experience 40,000 fall injuries each year. This only accounts for workers. Can you imagine how many customers fall in stores each and every year? The number is likely staggering and your business could be negatively impacted by a fall that happens at your place of business. There is a good chance that the fall will be blamed on you. It could be the rest of a slippery floor, poor lighting or something similar. Since the risk is so high, all businesses should protect themselves with commercial insurance.


Avoid being sued into a bankruptcy by protecting your business with the appropriate insurance policy. Business insurance can help to ensure that your business remains operational during the litigation. Otherwise, you would be forced to shut down and lose money.

Protection Against Third-Party Lawsuits

Every company is at risk of third-party lawsuits. Regardless, of the business type, a third-party lawsuit can pop up out of nowhere. Businesses are not only at risk of customer-related lawsuits, but also employee-related lawsuits. While it is impossible to satisfy every single person you serve and every employee, you can protect your company from financial loss connected to allegations and claims brought by these individuals.

Customers and employees can file a claim against a business to enforce a contract, recover damages, discrimination, accidents, injuries, false guarantees and faulty products. With business insurance Canada, you will be protected from financial loss related to these types of claims and lawsuits.


Companies that hire workers to manage their finances are always going to be a high risk of embezzlement and theft. While it is not common to experience an employee embezzlement or theft, it is always a possibility. Even if these risks are on the low end, it is crucial to be protected from such risks. If you do research on embezzlement cases involving employees and companies, you will find hundreds of them, stemming back several years. Without the proper coverage, you could end up in bankruptcy court, if one of your employees is caught up in an embezzlement scandal.

What Chiropractors Need To Look For When Shopping For E&O Insurance

Chiropractors – Here is what you need to look at closely

Chiropractors in the Ontario area deal with patients that suffer from all types of back, neck, and leg injuries. The body is a complex system made up of a bundle of nerves and pressure points. Sometimes hitting the wrong nerve or pressure point can lead to further injury of that already injured spot. When a situation like this happens, that injured party might have to undergo surgery or intense physical therapy, which is going to cost thousands of dollars. Of course, the chiropractor that is at fault is going to be sued in the court of law and forced to pay reimbursement for the financial losses.

This is why every chiropractor in the greater Ontario area needs to get covered with error and omissions insurance. However, before you go out and sign up with just any provider there are a few things that you need to understand.

Finding The Right Provider And Policy

While there are an abundance of insurance agents and polices in the Ontario area, you really need to find a provider with expert knowledge in your field. An insurance provider with extensive knowledge in the chiropractor field will
be able to cover and protect you much better than a provider with extensive knowledge in the construction field.

You can find this chiropractor insurance adviseinformation by searching the Internet for local insurance providers in the Ontario area with chiropractic experience.

You also need to be aware of the fact that ever policy offered by insurance providers are going to vary. Some providers might only offer so much coverage where as another will offer more coverage. The amount of coverage that you need is really a personal preference, but court costs and lawyer fees can all add up.

Accessing Post Retirement Claims

If you are nearing your retirement date, you need to be aware of the fact that E&O claims could come up after you have retired. If this is something that you are facing, you need to make sure that your licensed agent will offer coverage post retirement. Once you are not working anymore you are going to be a greater financial risk.

Employee Coverage

It may be possible that you have employees or staff that service customers on a regular basis. These employees or staff members are also at risk of making a mistake and injuring a client, which might lead back to you being sued. Employee or administrative coverage can protect you in the event that your employees make a mistake and cause one of your clients to incur financial losses. If currently have several different employees under your belt, you need to make sure that you are covered from them as well.

Understanding What E&O Insurance Doesn’t Cover

While it is important to understand how E&O insurance works and what type of coverage it offers, you also need to know what it does not cover. E&O insurance policies do not cover illegal, malicious, or dishonest acts. It also does not cover you or your employees, in the event of an accident, while performing daily duties. If your business is at risk of the things, you are going to have to do your homework on different types of liability insurance.

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Not Malpractice Insurance

It is important to note that errors and omissions insurance for professionals in ON, Canada is not the same thing as malpractice insurance. Most medical providers carry both E&O and malpractice insurance, because they are under so many risks, when performing treating patients. You can never go wrong with these professional liability policies, but you can definitely go wrong by not acquiring coverage as soon as possible. E&O insurance is a must-have for any licensed public service provider, who it is at risk of making a minor or major error.

History Of The Surety Bond

Where did it all start

Surety bonds are an important part of doing business these days. In fact, in some industries, a surety bond will be required, before a business entity can begin operation.  Unfortunately, many people are unfamiliar with bonds and Surety buildingwhat they do. If you plan on opening up your own business, it is important that you understand a little bit about the history of surety bonds.

What Is A Surety Bond?

While there is an unlimited array of surety bonds, they all work around the premises. A Surety Bond is classified as a contract that involves three parties. These three parties would include the surety, the principal, and the obligee.

  • The surety – this is the underwriter that issues the bond and ensures the obligee that the principal will fulfill the terms of the contractual agreement.
  • The principal – is the contractor or business that is going to be performing the work and financing the project.
  • The obligee – is basically the client or project owner. This individual will be responsible for bidding out the project and hiring the contractor.

The Existence Of Surety Bonds

Surety bonds have been around for quite a long time. However, they used to be known as a suretyship, but they have always existed to protect the client or consumer. Research shows that the first record of a suretyship was discovered on a Mesopotamian tablet that was written around 2750 BC.

surety bonding history

The first corporate surety was a London-based company developed some time in 1840 and by 1865 the whole concept made its way to America. However, the business failed, but in 1894 congress passed what was known as the Heard Act. This Act required contractors to obtain a surety bond on all projects that were funded by federal agencies.

Surety And Insurance

Oftentimes, people confuse surety bonds with an insurance policy, because they both protect consumers in some sense. However, they are not quite the same thing. For instance, a surety bond is not designed to protect the business owner, in the same way that insurance policy would. If a client files a claim on a surety bond and is awarded the payout, it is possible that the principal may be forced to repay the underwriter.

The License Surety Bond

What It Is And Who Needs One?

If you have a desire to operate your own business or serve the public in any way, you’ll most likely encounter the need to acquire a surety bond. There are thousands of professionals within Canada and these individuals were most likely required to do the same. Before you begin offering your services to the public, it is essential to analyze the information below.

The License Bond

Within Canada, a large number of businesses and professionals are required by law to obtain a license surety bond, business license bondingbefore they can legally obtain their license. There are a few exceptions, so you’ll need to analyze the specific statutes, which govern your profession. Also, the laws may deviate to some degree from province to province.

Why Is It Required?

Initially, it may seem like the requirement of the surety bond is nothing more than a money grab. This isn’t actually the case. In fact, there are a few good reasons for the requirement. First and foremost, the requirement of the bond helps to protect the Canadian public at large. The bond guarantees that a business or professional will conduct themselves according to the Canadian federal laws, as well as any provincial laws that may govern their line of work.

Secondly, the requirement is to ensure that only reliable, worthwhile individuals are able to serve the public.

How To Get The License Bond

If you’ve hit a speed bump and need to acquire a license bond from a Canadian Surety Bonding Company, you’ll need to learn how to move ahead and call a brokerage like SuretyKings. The good news is that the mass majority of Canadian surety providers have simplified the process, so that you’ll be able to complete the application online. Before doing so however, it is often wise to shop around by obtaining and comparing quotes. Most companies will be able to provide you with a quote within 24 hours, so you can get your license bond and licensure rapidly.

Different Types Of License Bonds

Within Canada, there are thousands of individualistic professionals and unique license bonds to suit them. Below, you’ll find a breakdown of some of the most common.

Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond – If you wish to sell cars within Canada, you’ll need to acquire a motor vehicle dealer license. Within News Brunswick, dealers of new vehicles, used vehicles, wrecker dealers, and motorcycles use this bond. Before you can acquire the license, you will need to obtain and submit a motor vehicle dealer bond.

Collection Agency Bond – There is always some degree of risk, when a company is responsible for dealing with another individual’s money. This is where the collection agency bond enters the picture. The Consumers Protection Act and other statutes have been put in place to require the bond to help decrease the potential for devious behaviors and fraud.

Private Investigator Bond – Those that wish to become private investigators within Canada will be forced to obtain a bond. The bond amount will vary depend on your operational location. Within News Brunswick, the professional will need to post a $5,000 bond.


All in all, the license surety bond is truly an integral aspect of Canadian business. It is there to provide protection to the public and can be used to hold the professional responsible for malicious behavior. To read about how much bonding you need in place, refer to CSLB.